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"With a single click, I can report the risks in our contracts, save substantial time and money in due diligence processes. It is never too early to use JETLEXA, the earlier, the better."
cloud-based contract management system
- İrem Yağcı
"It instantly shows that this product was created by attorneys, but for all employees. It is tough to find a contract management solution that embodies this level of intricacy, while keeping it simple. "
cloud-based contract management system
- Elif Ö. Yücetürk
"We were able to significantly cut the time we spent on lease and employment agreements. We don't have to worry about when a contract expires now, JETLEXA handles that for us while we focus on generating more revenue."
cloud-based contract management system
- İsmail Baş

Quick Facts

What is CLM?

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) automates and streamlines contract processes including drafting, approval, archiving and reporting.

Who should use a CLM software in your business?

Most commonly, procurement, sales, marketing, finance and legal departments use a CLM software in order to reach highest impact.

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"Company-wide efficiency"

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"Business contracts for the new digital age"
digital contract management system
İrem Yağcı

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