In-house legal

JETLEXA for legal team

It is possible to achieve 90% corporate efficiency by digitizing your contract processes and legal routines with the contract management platform JETLEXA.

With JETLEXA, you can easily get rid of the chaotic processes that arise while managing the life cycle of your contracts. JETLEXA for legal teams, with its technical infrastructure that enables it to be organized, and its advanced search feature that enables to find important terms and clauses in seconds, gives legal teams full control over corporate contracts.

While JETLEXA automates the routines in your contract management, it also enables you to easily organize with your teams in its multi-disciplinary interface. Thus, you can save time and improve your skills on your workflows by transferring your contract management to JETLEXA.‍

The average review time varies between 20-40 minutes, depending on the type and detail of the contracts. For example, a legal department with 1000 contracts spends 30,000 minutes only on contract review. Rethink the time you spend on your contract processes.

Automatically store documents in Drive.

As a result of the integration we have provided with Google Drive, you will always have easy access to your archive while combining your contracts and all related documents on a single platform on the JETLEXA CLM system.

Intelligent Document Processing & Analysis

Automatically extract printed text, handwriting and other data from any document.

With OCR (optical character recognition) technology, your legal team will be able to control the risks of your contracts at lightning speed on the JETLEXA CLM system and will not waste time determining important dates.

Benefits of Using OCR in Contract Processes

JETLEXA OCR is blended with technology, paving the way for faster negotiations for better deals. It makes it possible to more efficiently secure contract approval from business and legal leaders by doing more work faster with OCR. JETLEXA helps you assess the inherent risks in your contracts with features like OCR, advanced search and tagging documents to help you find key clauses and specific contract details quickly and easily.

Scheduled reporting and alerts enable you to tackle your key obligations, while a central document repository creates a single source of truth for your department, eliminating the risk of relying on a single person for knowledge of contract details. Thus, it establishes a supportive and holistic structure for the development of institutional memory.

Automatic Reminders

Get contract start-end dates, payment dates and more automatically.

It will make the important dates of your contracts unforgettable with reminders on the JETLEXA CLM system.

Contract Types Based on Dynamic Forms

Contract request forms, approval forms, contract processing forms...

With the contract types that can be created completely according to the needs, it can easily learn the details of the contracts requested by the people with whom it cooperates.


Manage your in-house contract correspondence from one place...

With the contract-based commenting feature, you can reduce the time you spend on communication during the preparation of contracts by 80%.

Saving important cases and items

Link and record important law articles and cases with contracts...

With the feature of important clauses, clauses with risks that should not be overlooked in the contract are highlighted and made more visible. This will save your team time wasted searching for these provisions.


Create flawless contract forms in no time.

  • Contract types based on forms
  • Customizable form builder
Prepare, edit and share your contracts with the contract management system.
“Making an impact, together”

Collaborate seamlessly on digital contracts.

  • Comments
  • Tracking
  • Custom roles
 Collaborate with your customers with the contract management system and provide a user-oriented interface.
“Making an impact, together”

Quick to start and easy to send

  • Digital sign (SMS/OTP)
  • Approval management
  • DocuSign integration
Sign your contracts online with the contract management system.
“Making an impact, together”

Keep track of contract lifecycles, all in one place.

  • Manage contract data
  • Attachments
  • Dates & auto-reminders
Manage your contracts with the contract management system, track their versions.
“Making an impact, together”

Turn all your contracts into searchable data.

  • AI based OCR
  • Dashboards
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced filtering
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Unlock the power of business data

Store in Drive, sign in DocuSign

  • DocuSign integration
  • Google Drive integration
  • Google Calendar integration (coming soon)
  • Custom integrations
Integrate multiple applications into the contract management system. Google Calendar, Docusign...
All the tools you are used to, in one single platform.