Contract management without the clutter

Try our clean, easy and straightforward platform designed for all teams, for free for a limited time!

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Don't get lost in complex processes...

With user-oriented easy interface design, you can reduce the risks associated with contracts by 80%, and you can be 70% faster and save time in contract opening and closing processes.

All through a single platform!

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See everything you need to know about a contract on one page, no more, no less...

Control and accelerate all contract stages in one place.

You don't have to e-mail updated forms ever again, your standart forms will be accessible to your organization with one click

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Don't miss important dates such as payment, termination, renewal...

You may lose your money and time because of important dates you've missed.

Get your reminders setup and never have to worry about it againt.

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Analyzing your contracts will save you and money in and audit, merger or acquisition

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Security is a top priority for us

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High Data Security

Your contract are encrypted so that you don't have to worry about their security, ever!

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Unlimited Support

Create as many tickets as you want with live support requests and email communication support.
Get a quick turn.

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Experience Affordable

After experiencing it for free, choose one of the packages that suits your company. Take advantage of it as much as you need.

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"A very comprehensive product!"

A really comprehensive product has been put forward. When examining the product, I found that almost every detail regarding contract preparation techniques was carefully considered.

Elif Özel Yücetürk

"Risk tracking is now easier"

When you buy an enterprise software, you expect it to simplify your current processes, not make it more complex. That is the exact point that JETLEXA hits. Even attorneys who are not familiar with technology can get used to it in seconds. JETLEXA simplifies your contract process, effortless and easy.

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İrem Aydın
Legal Counsel

"We found what we were looking for"

We eliminated all the time-consuming clutter around lease and employment agreements. Our deals close faster and we are definitely saving on legal budget thanks to JETLEXA.

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İsmail Baş