Enable your team to see more.

Do you have visibility into the risks you are sitting on?

Most companies do not have much transparency when it comes to contract-related data. We don't want you to operate in the dark.

Legal teams now have a massive opportunity to unlock new revenue growth with their contract data

But to take advantage of this opportunity, you first need to be able to extract and understand the data living in your contracts.

Report any time, however you prefer.

Reporting allows you to get information about the performance of your team to help increase your efficiency. You can easily create reports to filter for specific contracts, parties, dates, tags, or any combination of the above.

Ücretsiz Deneyin

Track your risks based on a tag based approach.

Does your contract management tool tell you which contracts have unlimited liability? We let you capture all, based on totally customizable tags. Going through diligence? Just export all your restrictions on change of control with one click.